ProWide Edge Protector™ 1150mm

ProWide Edge Protector™ 1150mm
The ProWide edge protector features a unique zero pressure on the internal edge, especially suited to sensitive goods such as plasterboard, fibre cement sheets, etc. At 1150mm wide this edge protector suits standard pallets superbly.

This edge protector can be handled by ProPole system.

Special features:
– Zero pressure internal edge
– Boxed in 10s
– Chemically formulated plastic resists cracking in cold weather
– Central strap guides keep webbing in position when tensioning
– Rounded edges for safety
– Lightweight, durable and strong

Dimensions: 1150mm x 190mm x 190mm


QTY (100 +): $20.16 + GST

QTY (70-99): $20.85 + GST

QTY (40-69): $21.60 + GST

QTY (10-39): $23.26 + GST

QTY (1-9): $24.19 + GST

$24.19 + GST

Product Code: SQ P-001-5-2.
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