ProPole® Standard

ProPole Standard
Our innovative ProPoles are specialist cargo handling tools for working at height. They work effectively to lift, guide and secure straps at height, ensuring your drivers never have to leave the ground to climb.

– Sturdy extendable aluminium and fibreglass arm
– Lengths to suit every height of vehicle (short, standard, extra long)
– Strong double pin lock for attachments.

Work: Quickly, Easily and Safely with the ProPole® from SafeQuip. The multi tasking ProPole makes good friends with your drivers and helps them to achieve more.

Climbing up the back of a truck is both difficult and dangerous. In commercial haulage applications, it is also completely illegal without the correct safety measures in place. These are often cumbersome and very expensive. When it’s simply a case of adjusting straps, placing or retrieving Edge Protectors, the ProPole® is the solution!


QTY (50 +): $50.40 + GST

QTY (10-49): $58.15 + GST

QTY (1-9): $67.20 + GST

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$67.20 + GST

Product Code: SQ H-055-4.
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