RatStrap Pro®

RatStrap Pro® – the solution every driver has been looking for!
The fully Patented RatStrap Pro® – the solution EVERY TRUCK DRIVER HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR!!

The new method for getting a CargoStrap UP, OVER AND DOWN THE OTHER SIDE OF A LOAD, while the operator stays safely on the ground!

It even has the ability to operate where there is only a 80mm gap between the top of a pallet and the ceiling. Tough and lightweight, the RatStrap can be reduced in length to 1.4m sections making it possible to carry in the truck.

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QTY (10 + ): $675.00 + GST

QTY (1-9 ): $785.20 + GST

RatStrap Pro In-situ

$785.20 + GST

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